The Registry

The Artory Registry is a secure, digital registry of verified information about artworks and collectibles, and their history. It is already built—from the database and blockchain integrations to the user interfaces.

By creating an immutable registry with standardized certificates, Artory builds an additional layer of trust into the art market that is already the norm when purchasing other valuable items—houses, cars, jewelry, or even computer software.

Here’s How It Works

When a significant event takes place in the lifecycle of an artwork or a collectible—a sale or valuation for instance—a vetted issuing party, such as an auction house or an insurance company, creates a permanent record within the Artory Registry containing all available information.

Through the issuing party, Artory provides the owner with both physical and digital certificates of ownership. These certificates contain a unique security feature that protects both buyers and sellers: A work’s ownership can be verified, while the owner remains anonymous both to Artory and the public.

Issuing parties are carefully vetted by an independent committee made up of art industry professionals. This committee is defining standards for issuing parties to be included in the Registry.

Benefits for Buyers and Collectors

A hassle-free buying and collecting experience

Artory not only gives buyers the confidence they crave, it enhances their entire experience. Offering up-to-date information from trusted resources about transactions and the market in general, Artory saves buyers’ time and money when performing due diligence. Furthermore, unlike current bills of sale, which are easily lost or forged, Artory’s standardized certificates of sale take the headache out of collection management, providing irrefutable proof of ownership without compromising buyers’ anonymity or privacy.

Freed from hassle, and confident in their purchases, collectors can enjoy exploring the trove of content resulting from Artory’s pairing of artwork data with reliable, related information from credible art resources such as major museums, artists’ estates, gallery news, and historical archives.

Greater confidence when participating in the art market (at any level)

For first-time buyers and experienced collectors alike, Artory provides: the reassurance that they are dealing with a vetted seller; that there will be an immutable record of the transaction; and that they will receive a certificate of sale from an independent third party—all of which encourage them to act with confidence.

While Artory’s vetted partners will work rigorously to minimize the introduction of inconsistencies in the Registry—too many versions of an editioned work, for example—an enormous benefit of the Registry’s public nature is that it ensures that inconsistencies are exposed quickly so that remedial action can be taken.

The opportunity to be a part of art history

The love and appreciation of art is something we all share. When registering artworks with Artory, buyers—along with artists and sellers—are making a historic contribution to the art world and the provenance of their works, an opportunity art lovers will relish.

Benefits for Artists and Estates

Start the chain now

Through vetted galleries and estates, living artists can state authorship of their works, reducing the incidence of forgery. This record of creation establishes the provenance of individual works from the moment they leave the studio.

Track sales into the future

Sales are easily tracked, simplifying payment of royalties under the terms of the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) and the European Resale Rights Directive.

The Artory Registry is currently available for vetted partners only.

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