Artory Announces Partnerships in Digital Art


Artory, the art world’s leading blockchain-secured digital art registry, announced today that it will partner with digital art galleries and leaders in pioneering digital art, as well as with the largest fair for digital art, the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF), to register art sales on the blockchain.

As a firm supporter of this new segment of the art market, Artory is pleased to showcase a commitment to cultural innovators and expand its network of trusted data sources while guaranteeing a unique solution for both artists and collectors in the digital art space. Artory, through certificates of authenticity and the public art registry, alleviates collectors’ concerns by offering the security of investment and pride of ownership. Proof of scarcity secures the investment, whilst also allowing artists to prove limited numbers and increase sale potential.

As the only art fair of its kind, CADAF aims to support the use of technology as a creative medium by expanding the digital art market and providing a curated platform for new media artists and galleries to exhibit their works. The fair inspired collaborations with others in the digital art space — including Kate Vass Galerie, Khora Contemporary, DADA, and Artxcode, as well as the digital art marketplace OpenSea and the creative technologists Larva Labs — all of which are now partnering with Artory.

“Eclipses” by Dmitri Cherniak for artxcode
“Eclipses” by Dmitri Cherniak for artxcode

Artory is leveraging this new technology to grow the global art market by embracing the quickly-expanding digital art space while cultivating a new wave of young collectors. Complementing the traditional art collector community, the digital art sphere diversifies the ways in which we create, experience, and acquire art — emphasizing Artory’s core mission to protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of those who buy, own, and sell art.

Elena Zavelev, Founder and CEO of CADAF, explains the vision that the partnership between CADAF and Artory will bring to the art world:

The partnership between CADAF and Artory Registry is a major step in validating artistic and investment potential of digital art. It helps to empower collectors with clear provenance and authenticity information and allows artists to protect the copyright and scarcity of their works. Together we create a new transparent market for the next generation of collectors who want to go beyond the canvas and get engaged with new media art.

Once registered, the artwork will live amidst millions of other sales records in the Artory Registry, including sales information from thousands of auction houses. Leveraging Ethereum blockchain, the provenance and title of each record will be tracked and distinguished from non-trusted data — reducing the risk of permanently recording poor quality information onto the blockchain. Owners stay completely unknown to Artory and the public, and can opt-in to engage with service providers through Artory’s encrypted messaging system.

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View registrations by CADAF on the Artory Registry.

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