Artory Partnering with CADAF Online 2021 to Bring A New Level of Confidence and Security to the Rapidly Growing Digital Art Market

“ISLAND with David Corbett, video still #1 (2018) from a Virtual Reality experience for Oculus Go,” (2018) by Olivia Mc Gilchrist. This digital artwork was registered by CADAF on The Artory Registry.

Artory is proud to partner with The Crypto and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) for the third year in a row to register and secure the artworks shown at the fair. The first ever digital art fair, CADAF has been focused on supporting digital initiatives in the art market since 2018. Through this partnership, Artory was the first platform to register crypto and digital artworks and secure the artwork information on blockchain at CADAF’s 2019 fairs in Miami and New York.

Artory is a unique solution for both artists and collectors in the crypto and digital art space. Artory offers security of investment and pride of ownership in the digital art space. Proof of scarcity protects the investment, while also allowing artists to prove their digital artworks are limited editions and increase sale potential.

With Artory’s Registration and digital Certificates all of the information from digital artworks and NFTs sold at CADAF Online 2021 are stored immutably with a signature from the fair.

"CryptoPunk #2134" (2017) by LarvaLabs.
“CryptoPunk #2134“ (2017) by LarvaLabs. Registered by CADAF for the artwork owner and on display at The Artory Registry booth.

“CADAF is excited to partner with Artory once again,” says Elena Zavelev, Founder of CADAF, “The Artory Registry benefits collectors, artists, and sellers of digital art. By immutably recording an artwork’s code, ownership history, provenance, and more, Artory is an essential tool for protecting digital art and increasing confidence in the digital art space.”

Through RegistrationArtory memorializes a digital artwork’s unique code onto the blockchain: giving owners confidence in the authenticity and individuality of their piece. Artory’s digital Certificates allow collectors to be confident that their information is stored and protected: securely accessible only to them.

“The digital art space is growing every day, but many collectors are still hesitant to enter the space. The Artory Registry gives collectors confidence that their digital art is securely stored, unique, and authentic,” says Artory Founder & CEO, Nanne Dekking.

"Apparitions #724," (2021) by Aaron Penne.
The NFT “Apparitions #724,“ (2021) by Aaron Penne. This NFT was registered on The Artory Registry and is also on display at The Artory Registry booth.

Within the digital art space, Artory is an essential tool for NFTs. While an NFT captures ownership and transaction history, Artory enables NFT collectors to secure the most valuable information about their artwork: provenance, exhibition history, artist statements, and more.

Moreover, cryptographic signing for artists on Artory allows artists to verify the information about their artworks in a space that cannot be manipulated or changed by outside parties.

"Living in America," (2019) by Miriam Kruishoop.
Still from “Living in America,“ (2019) by Miriam Kruishoop. The video was registered by NL=US Art on The Artory Registry and cryptographically signed by the artist. This artwork is also on display at The Artory Registry booth.

Registered artworks shown at CADAF will be added to the public Registry as endorsed by the fair, making these records stand out among millions of unverified artworks in the Artory Registry.

Artory will also have a booth at the art fair to show a selection of digital artworks, including NFTs, registered through the Artory Registry. The online art fair will take place from June 17th to June 23rd. The fair will feature artworks by popular artists such as Andy Picci, Ines Alpha, Filippo Soccini, Nina Kuo, Lorin Roser, Kevin Abosch, Cryptopunks, and many more. Galleries and curators include Studio As We Are, Creative Code Art, Hervisions, and Kate Vass Galerie.

Visit the Artory Booth at CADAF Online 2021.


CADAF Online, a virtual art fair focused on fine digital art and crypto collectibles, provides the opportunity for galleries and independent artists to showcase and sell works in custom virtual booths as well as communicate with collectors and visitors via chat rooms. The fair is designed to make online art shopping interactive, immersive and fun. Visitors access individual booths via the 3D floor plan and utilize smart networking tools to engage with artists and one another. A livestream of diverse cultural programming including artist talks, panel discussions, and screenings will be accessible throughout the fair. CADAF Online 2021 is the fourth edition of the Crypto And Digital Art Fairs (CADAF) after an online fair in 2020, a New York City fair in May 2019, and a Miami fair in December 2019.


Artory Partners are the voice of authority and education in the art world. Only trusted partners who verify the artworks, such as CADAF, can cryptographically sign and record information on The Artory Registry: guaranteeing the veracity and credibility of signed information on Artory. By using the Registry, galleries, auction houses, appraisers, and other art organizations leverage blockchain to secure and protect artwork information.

Artory exists to protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of those who buy, own, and sell art and collectibles. The company’s core product, the Artory Registry, is a blockchain-secured registry of verified information about artworks, collectibles, and their history, giving confidence and peace of mind to buyers and collectors that the information they are transacting upon is the latest and most accurate information available. Artory was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking, fueled by his desire for change in the international art market. Prior to founding Artory, Nanne was Sotheby’s Vice Chairman and Worldwide Head of Private Sales. Nanne was recently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), and is currently on several advisory boards in the art world, including the Responsible Art Market (RAM).

With teams in New York, Berlin, and Bangkok, Artory works with marketplace partners to collaborate to bring confidence to the market. The Registry launched in collaboration with Christie’s to register each piece of art sold as part of the $300M Barney A. Ebsworth Collection. This collection, considered one of the most important for American art, broke several auction records, including Edward Hopper’s Chop Suey, which sold for over $90 million. Artory has raised $8.4 million in Series A funding, with investors including Hasso Plattner Capital and California-based VC firm, Knickerbocker Capital, LP, which holds stakes in companies such as Spotify, 1st Dibs, and The RealReal.

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