Artory Partners with Arius Technology

Arius partners with Artory

Artory has partnered with Arius Technology, a Vancouver-based data acquisition and analysis platform specializing in high-resolution 3D scans of museum paintings. For the first time ever, by adding 3D scan data about the physical conditions of artworks, alongside transaction data and typical provenance records, to the blockchain, the partners will collaborate to improve market transparency.

Using scan data to digitize a painting, Arius effectively creates a 3D fingerprint of the surface of a painting. Their techniques began with an experiment on the Mona List at the Louvre, in which they forensically analyzed the painting’s rate of degradation and warping patterns and examined stylistic features that are invisible to the human eye.

Condition reporting from Arius Technology
Condition reporting from Arius Technology

As Artory founder and CEO, Nanne Dekking, explains:

The techniques Arius have developed for collecting data provides us with the highest level of accuracy for the physical condition of artworks. Making the record of data they create public, also helps validate and strengthen the trust that the credible market players already have.

The collaboration recognizes the synergies around two companies that leverage technology to provide better services and more trusted information to a rapidly expanding global marketplace.

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