Artory partners with Tagsmart Certification to offer the first integrated solution of certification, tagging, and blockchain security for fine art

New York, NY & London, UK – Artory is proud to announce its partnership with Tagsmart, a platform offering a physical and digital art certification system to artists and galleries. Tagsmart offers an innovative, state-of-the-art tagging solution which links an artwork to its associated digital certificate and record.

By combining tagging solutions with blockchain technology, the companies can further protect the safety and durability of their clients’ artwork information. Artory’s platform provides a time-stamped, unalterable record of ownership and provenance. Tagsmart’s physical tagging solutions then creates a verifiable link between the digital record and the actual work of art.

By leveraging Artory’s blockchain technology in their certification process, Tagsmart further guarantees the safety and durability of their clients’ artwork information. Most importantly, Tagsmart has fully integrated Artory into their website, allowing clients to register and access information with ease.

“By registering artworks on Artory, Tagsmart uses blockchain technology to make sure that the information is immutably recorded and, therefore, cannot be tampered with while the owners remain private and shielded from public access. Artory provides unprecedented secure access of artwork information to Tagsmart’s clients,” says Nanne Dekking, Founder and CEO of Artory. “Artory can accept tagging and unique identifier data from any partner, and we are pleased to add Tagsmart to our ecosystem as they are one of the most trusted and respected products on the market.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Artory to further our objective of securing information for the future about the works we value today,” commented Steve Cooke, Tagsmart Certification Chief Executive. “Artory shares our vision of verification, documentation, and robust provenance. While we remain blockchain agnostic, Artory is deservedly our first partner in this area. We look forward to integrating their services into our industry-leading Certification and DNA Tagging solution.”


Tagsmart Certification ( provides and develops fully-managed physical asset identification (‘tagging’) and Certification services to the fine art market. The Company’s principals pioneered transferable physical Certificates of Authenticity and the development of synthetic DNA and other secure tagging solutions. TCL also provides products and services under sole and exclusive license from Now 2 Now Limited, the developers of the original Tagsmart range.

Tagsmart Certification is based in London with development studios in Tirana, Albania. For more information, contact


Artory exists to protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of those who buy, own, and sell art and collectibles. The company’s core product, the Artory Registry, is a blockchain-secured registry of verified information about artworks, collectibles, and their history, giving confidence and peace of mind to buyers and collectors that the information they are transacting upon is the latest and most accurate information available. Artory was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking, fueled by his desire for change in the international art market. Prior to founding Artory, Nanne was Sotheby’s Vice Chairman and Worldwide Head of Private Sales.

With teams in New York, Berlin, and Bangkok, Artory works with marketplace partners to collaborate to bring confidence to the market. The Registry launched in collaboration with Christie’s to register each piece of art sold as part of the $300M Barney A. Ebsworth Collection. This collection, considered one of the most important for American art, broke several auction records, including Edward Hopper’s Chop Suey, which sold for over $90 million.  

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