Blockchain for Artists: What is Cryptographic Signing?


Artists deserve a platform that allows them to protect and sign-off on the information associated with their artworks.

On Artory, a cryptographic signature is produced when a Partner signs the archive metadata with their cryptographic private key—a unique secret that only the Partner has access to.

In December 2019, Artory rolled out cryptographic signing for artists, where artists are given the ability to sign-off on the information associated with their artwork. By signing the artwork records attributed to them, an artist’s unique signature is immutably linked to the artwork information on the blockchain. This signature allows artists to verify the information about their artworks in a space that cannot be manipulated or changed by outside parties. Additionally, when an artist signs a record on Artory, the record becomes a digital certificate of authenticity which can be claimed by collectors. Beyond just the benefits of data protection, cryptographic signing creates an added layer of connection between artists and their collectors.

Artory launched this feature at Faurschou Foundation New York, when artist Christian Lemmerz signed a record attributed to him by our partner, Khora Contemporary.

“La Apparizione” (2019) by Christian Lemmerz, the VR artwork that was cryptographically signed through Artory at Faurschou Foundation.

Our Partner, Artem + Scientia–a Miami-based gallery focused on representing the work of artist and scientist Dr. Obdulio Piloto–leverages cryptographic signing to issue digital Certificates of Authenticity to their clients. The artwork records they upload are signed by both the gallery and the artist and collectors can be confident that the information associated with their artworks is vetted and secure.

“Self-reflections” (2019) by Dr. Obdulio Piloto, cryptographically signed through Artory.

Other partners have chosen to use cryptographic signing in a variety of different and creative ways. For example, cryptographic signing can be used in place of a physical signature for artists working with print shops to produce works that will be sent directly from the shop to collectors.

Artory is proud to give artists and art institutions the means by which to leverage the blockchain and cryptographic signing. If you’re an artist searching to take advantage of cryptographic signing on Artory, ask your Gallery to become an Artory Partner and reach out to us here.

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