Registration of Artworks and Using Your Vault

Vault security

One of Artory’s most useful features is the encrypted Artory Vault. When you register your artworks on Artory, all of your artwork’s important information is stored here: fully secured and recorded on the blockchain. Read this article to learn more about registration and the Vault’s great features.

The Artory Vault is free to use for Collectors and Artists. You can easily set up your Vault on Artory’s homepage by clicking “Create a Free Account” on the top right corner. When you register an artwork on Artory, it’s organized and kept fully secure in this collection management system.

Registration and Artwork Information

Begin securing your artwork’s information for storage in your fully encrypted vault, by first registering your artworks. To register, follow the steps below. Learn more about the benefits of registration here.

  1. After login, click register your artwork in your vault or follow this link. Artory welcomes you to request a free registration from Winston Art Group, the leading art appraisal and advisory firm.
  2. To begin your request, enter the artwork or find it on our Registry. Artory’s free price database contains millions of historical artwork records from auctions around the world. Be sure to search our database for your artwork, you may find information about your artwork you didn’t know before!
  3. In your registration request, please enter and upload as much information on your artwork as possible. All of this information will be organized and stored in your vault. Invoices and personal information are used to verify your ownership.
  4. Once your request is sent, you will be able to message with a specialist from Winston Art Group through our end-to-end encrypted system. They’ll let you know if they need any further information and answer any questions you may have.
Message system
Message with a Winston Art Group specialist in this end-to-end encrypted system.
  1. Upon approval, Winston Art Group will issue a Certificate of Registration and you’ll be able to see your all verified information stored on your “My Collection” page, shown below.
Artory Vault
Store your registered works in your secure vault.

Clicking on any of your artworks will open an artwork information page, displaying all the information and documents that have been associated with your artwork. The artwork information will also show and add any provenance information that we’ve sourced from historical auction data already in our database.

artwork information page
View all the information associated with your artwork, as well as your digital certificate.


Artory’s digital, blockchain-secured Certificates of Registration, Authenticity, and Ownership are also kept in the artwork information page. Your Certificate can also be used as evidence of ownership because it connects your unique, private vault to the blockchain statement by Winston Art Group. 

digital certificate
A mock-up example of a digital certificate, signed by the artist.

If the work you register is by a living artist, the artist can also cryptographically sign the certificate to make it a true Certificate of Authenticity, adding an additional layer of confidence in your artworks value and data. Learn more about cryptographic signing for artists here.


Artory respects your privacy and will never ask you for your identity. You can review our privacy policy here. If you wish, you can choose to add an email to receive notifications about the status of your registration.

Register Today!

The Artory Vault and price database are free to use for the public. You can register at any time through Winston Art Group. If your artwork was purchased from one of our partner galleries or a major auction house, you can also request registration from them. Artory is always happy to bring on galleries and institutions who would like to register their inventory on behalf of their clients. Please visit our Partner Page to learn more.

Coming soon to your Artory Vault are direct access to services and analytics as well as a protected, private space to store information and documents about your art collection that will never be accessible to the public.

We invite you to confidentially register your artworks for digital signature and endorsement by vetted art institutions, protecting your collection and becoming part of the art community with enhanced knowledge and confidence. The Artory Vault and blockchain registration are free.

Get organized now!

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