When you Register on Artory, you gain a tool to help you navigate the art world and protect the artworks you love.

We all want to enjoy and appreciate the art and artists we’ve come to know and love. Unfortunately, the art market is rarely so simple. The art world is a complex and uncertain sea to navigate. For many collectors, it may seem like the odds are stacked against them. With a fount of information at our fingertips, it can be intimidating to sift through all this information to identify what is relevant and what can be ignored.

You’re not alone. All collectors have uncertainty in the face of the art market.

For collectors just starting out, how can you be certain the art you’re buying will be a valuable addition to your portfolio? How can you make sure that the valuable information associated with your artwork is protected and signed-off on?

For established collectors, how can you make sure your information is safe and organized for the future?

Moreover, and regardless of what type of collector you are, we all ask the question: How can I increase the value of my artwork?

Artory is here to answer these questions. Collectors are invited to confidentially register their artworks for digital signature and endorsement by vetted art institutions, becoming part of the art community with enhanced knowledge and confidence.

Collectors receive:

  • Blockchain-secured certificate of registration that can be used as evidence of ownership
  • Digital signature on your artwork from respected, trusted experts
  • Make your artworks stand out as verified
  • Secure, anonymous, auto-updating data about your art
  • Access to trusted experts in the art community through end-to-end encrypted messaging

When the gallery you purchase from partners with Artory, you can be sure that all the information has been reviewed and verified. Furthermore, Artory gives you a free end-to-end encrypted Vault through which you can organize your collection and the digital certificates issued to you on Artory.

Request registration from other art institutions as well, such as the leading appraisal firm Winston Art Group. By having an expert verify the information associated with your artwork, you can gain confidence in your art, it’s provenance, and its value.

For new and established collectors, we encourage you to leverage our free price database to research artists and view millions of historical transaction data to help inform purchases and help you understand an artist’s or an art movement’s trajectory, for example.

Collect with confidence today on Artory.

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