The Registry for Art and Collectibles

Here's How It Works

How it works

1. Artwork / Collectible Sale or Creation

An event takes place in the lifecycle of an artwork or collectible, such as a sale or valuation request from a collector, initiating the process.

How it works

2. Trusted Source Registers Sale on the Artory Registry

Trusted sources, such as auction houses, galleries, living artists, or manufacturers, will create a record within the Artory Registry, which contains all available information.

How it works

3. Immutable Record Creation

Artory records the hash of the record on the blockchain, which is then cryptographically signed by the issuing party, creating a timestamped and tamperproof registration of the artwork transaction.

How it works

4. Anonymous Ownership Certificate

The collector is issued a Registration Card, which they can use to access their information through their secured Collector’s Area Vault within the Registry.

How it works

5. Collector Services

As Artory adds features, collectors will be able to opt-in to gain access to trusted sources and service providers.

Note: At no point does Artory know the identity of the collector.

To learn more about the process, check out the Artory Video here

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What Does This Mean for You?


  • Complete anonymity, ensuring your identity is never tied to records
  • Irrefutable proof of ownership that is being standardized across the industry
  • Increased resale value, through trusted provenance and transparency
  • Greater confidence when participating in the market
  • Future Benefits:
    • Comprehensive due diligence and research tools
    • Opt-in features that grant access to discounted services with dealers, auction houses, and other trusted service partners

Dealers & Auction Houses

  • Easily add client records to the Registry, creating a new avenue of engagement with clients
  • Unparalleled sourcing repository to conduct business in a completely secure environment
  • The public nature of the Registry, ensures efficient remediation of inconsistencies in records
  • An easily-searchable database to conduct due diligence and provenance research

Living Artists & Estates

  • Claim authorship of works through vetted galleries and estates, reducing the incidence of forgery
  • Establish provenance at origin, creating a record from the moment artworks leave the studio
  • Track sales, simplifying the payment of royalties under the terms of the Artist’s Resale Right

Banks, Insurers, & Other Service Providers

  • Access to credible information on artworks from trusted sources
  • Future Benefits:
    • Secured and encrypted direct messaging app to engage with collectors opting-in to services

Museums & Researchers

  • Confidently source artworks for exhibition, saving time and money
  • Research trusted provenance and archival materials shared publicly for free