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Increasing liquidity
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Artory connects the art market with the digital-first, financial ecosystem. Combining our leading technology, art expertise, digital certification, and tokenization, Artory secures on the blockchain verified artwork information from expert partners.

Artory’s best-in-class, artwork transaction database provides superior insights to collectors, investors, and managers alike.

Artory has the expertise, tech, network, and data to deliver institutional-grade liquidity and financial products to the art market.

What we do

Artwork Tokenization

Artory secures trusted information from partner institutions to tokenize physical artworks and prepare them to be incorporated in traditional financial instruments, next-gen digital-first financial products, and other Web3 opportunities.

Artwork Investment Opportunities

Artory has developed the tech, protocols, and regulatory frameworks needed to create institutional-grade investment opportunities in alternative assets, such as art and high-value collectibles.

Sophisticated Data Products

Artory provides investors and asset managers with sophisticated data insights for their art portfolio. With Artory’s unique dataset of transactions—along with analyses from independent partner experts and appraisal data—data-driven valuations are made regularly, making artworks accessible assets for investment.

Tools for Wealth Management

By aggregating expert-knowledge and other valuable artwork information in a single token, unlocking capital in the art market is easier than ever before.

Why Artory?

Institutional-grade tokenization

Our proven tokenization technology and certification processes allow us to create the first-ever certified digital token for physical artworks that transform artworks into actionable digital assets.

Bank-level security

Artory uses the latest technology to record data securely on the blockchain. Confidential data are stored safely off-chain, with attestations published to the blockchain.

Highest standards of asset due diligence

Artory is privileged to partner with the most reputable art institutions. Our partners use Artory's technology to input and cryptographically sign off on the highest standard of due diligence information recorded on the blockchain.

Increased asset liquidity

Artory's tokenization provides institutional-grade liquidity and investment opportunities for the art market.

Expert Network

We seek the best-in-class partners and service providers to create products with institutional-grade compliance.

Industry-leading market data

Artory’s ever-growing database contains a unique dataset of over 50 million artwork and collectible transactions. The dataset is the gold standard for art market analysis—supplying data for Artory art indices, market reports, ongoing valuations, and custom analyses.

Immutable compliance and regulatory standards

Regulatory restrictions and compliance procedures, backed by traditional legal frameworks, are embedded in our smart contracts.

Led by authorities in the art market

Our team has decades of experience in art, data, and tech. With offices in New York and Berlin, Artory has an international presence as a neutral and trusted resource in the art market.

Invest with confidence

Artory has a joint-venture with Winston Art Group, the leading independent art appraisal and advisory firm. Together, Artory/Winston offers tokenized physical artworks and physical artwork funds through leading alternative trading channels and digital marketplaces.

What our partners say

Christie’s Auction House CEO, Guillaume Cerutti, believes in Artory’s credibility as the best technology partner in the art market
Christie’s Auction House CEO, Guillaume Cerutti, believes in Artory’s credibility as the best technology partner in the art market

“At Christie’s we work with extraordinary art that demands more than just technical expertise. We have recently collaborated with Artory on a major auction sale as they understand both art and innovative technology.”

Guillaume Cerutti
CEO at Christie's
Winston Art Group, Elizabeth von Habsburg, believes in Artory’s tokenization technology to grow the art market
Winston Art Group

“It takes experienced advisors to understand which artworks have the highest potential to excel. We capture that potential by combining Winston’s decades of due diligence experience, trusted appraisal process and depth of access to artworks with Artory’s technology, digital certification, and art market experience.”

Elizabeth von Habsburg
Managing Director at Winston Art Group

“The team at Artory is unparalleled in their determination to put together the most reliable data on the auction sector available.”

Dr. Clare McAndrew, PhD
Managing Director at Arts Economics
Borderless, Algroand investor David Garcia, believes in the liquidity that Artory can bring to physical artworks
Borderless Capital hedgefund

“The future of the art market is on top of blockchain technology, and Artory is ahead of the curve playing a key role to transform this legacy industry. We are proud and excited to join Artory and the team, and we support their vision of building new financial rails for the art ecosystem.”

David Garcia
CEO at Borderless Capital

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