The Registry for Art and Collectibles

Artory Collaborates with Christie’s on an Industry First: Registration of Major Art Collection Sale with Secure Blockchain Technology


Artory’s mission is to protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of buyers, sellers, and owners of art and collectibles.

Secure, Permanent, and Unchangeable Records

The Artory Registry is a secure registry of verified information about artworks and collectibles, and their history.

Artory combines modern cryptography with blockchain technology to record significant events in the lifecycle of artworks and collectibles. Collectors will be able to prove their ownership while maintaining anonymity—their identity is not stored in the Registry.

The Registry

About Artory

Artory was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking, an eloquent advocate for change in the international art market, with the endorsement and support of the founder of an esteemed tech company.

About Us

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