Artory Partners With ArtDiscovery

Artory is happy to announce our partnership with ArtDiscovery. The new partnership aims to bring a new level of security and trust to scientific analysis within the art market.

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Launching this winter, the New York and London based firm ArtDiscovery (previously known as Art Analysis & Research) will partner with Artory to bring a new level of security, trust and transparency to the art market and ArtDiscovery’s customers.

ArtDiscovery, which is an innovative leader in the art world for scientific analysis of fine artworks to support authentication, will partner with Artory to securely store and provide unprecedented secure access of scientific reports to their clients through the Artory Vault. The Artory Vault is a private end-to-end encrypted platform which acts as an organization tool for collectors. By registering artworks on Artory, ArtDiscovery leverages blockchain technology to make sure that the information is immutably recorded and, therefore, cannot be tampered with while remaining private and shielded from public access.

The partnership is going further by allowing ArtDiscovery’s customers to opt into posting their artwork information to the public Artory Registry–where they will stand out as trusted artworks because they have been examined by ArtDiscovery. While keeping personal information and scientific reports private and secure, Artory’s Registry advances the transparency of the art market by allowing owners to realize the value of their holdings and buyers to proceed with confidence. Moreover, by using the blockchain to record this valuable information, ArtDiscovery and their clients can be confident that analyses and reports were carried out, are protected, and are linked to the artwork in perpetuity: a level of digital security that is unprecedented in the art market. 

Through Artory’s unique capacities, ArtDiscovery is able to provide:

  • A platform through which ArtDiscovery can immutably record new and historical information either publicly or privately as agreed with their customers;
  • An end-to-end encrypted messaging system through which ArtDiscovery can communicate with their clients and store confidential information;
  • An end-to-end encrypted Vault where ArtDiscovery clients can privately and securely organize all artwork information
  • Digital ownership certificates that confirm the scientific examination has been conducted by ArtDiscovery

According to Artory founder, Nanne Dekking, “Blockchain creates a system for properly vetting, permanently memorializing, and expertly protecting artwork data, while simultaneously allowing the data’s owner to stay anonymous if he or she wishes. This combination overcomes every traditional obstacle to an artwork title registry, opening the door to a new era of trust in provenance and authenticity.”

Nica Gutman Rieppi, Managing Director at ArtDiscovery added, “We are excited about the capabilities of the Artory Vault and Registry and the benefit it will provide our customers. I think our clients will be amazed at how much easier it will be to navigate the art market by using the Artory system. It has been inspiring to work with the Artory team as they have deep knowledge of where the art market is and how they can contribute to providing tools to take into the future.”

By partnering with Artory, ArtDiscovery opens a door to enhanced security and trust which directly benefits their clients and the art market as a whole.

To learn more about partnering with Artory, visit us on our Partner Page.

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